Are you feeling Exhausted? Struggling with Juggling Kids, Family, 9 to 5, 7
to “burning the midnight oil” (that’s the home biz side hustle) & a perpetual “to-do” list!

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Yeah, I know the feeling . . . not a good place to be.

Yep! You can Get IT Done and I will help you.

Hi, I’m Bridgette, I’m  I ready to move you from being Stressed Out to Getting Things Done!  As a Time Management Strategist, I help Momprenuers like you get the right things done daily. I put my passion, time management and organizational skills together and founded Chief Executive Mompreneur – Helping Mompreneurs move from being Stressed Out to Getting the Job Done. I enjoy helping busy moms get the right things done daily while enjoying the bonus of additional quality time with family, creating their desired lifestyle, and producing high income streams!

I am a wife & mother of two beautiful children, a graduate of University of New Orleans & Coach Training Alliance receiving a BA in Communications & Coaching Certification.  Over 17 years of training & teaching Time Management, Goal Setting, Organization, Professional Development & Personal Competencies & Strengths to become successful.

Now . . . Action Step for You!

Momprenuers, if you are ready to move from Being Stressed Out to Getting the Job Done, start by grabbing my free report: 3 Simple Surefire Steps To Get the Job Done without Stress and start getting the right things done daily.

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Coaching Services

Are you a slave to time? Every day looks like the next: No Plan, Stressed and Clueless how to get things done to create better days which creates a better life, a better you for your family. Let me help you! In 30 min, you will receive clarity regarding your “pain points” and plan your next best step.
You are ready to “Get it Done”! One hour of laser focus on one challenge. We will develop an individual strategy that will rock your life and give you the confidence and skills to end your days without headaches and sleepless nights.
Identify and create daily habits, eliminate procrastination, work your plan with weekly accountability including email support between calls. Great for working on a specific project or developing a get it done habit.

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