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Abolish Overwhelm Using Checklist

A checklist is a valuable time management tool when used to organize projects or tasks. It allows you to take the guess work out of what is needed to complete a task which then allows you to save time & eliminate the dreaded statement, "Oh, I forgot!"

 A checklist, when used consistently, streamlines your action "to-do" list immediately and it can also be used as a resource when work is delegated to an employee or virtual assistant.

For example, a salesperson is completing cold calls for a new service or product; her checklist may look something like this:

 New Service / Product Cold Calls – Checklist

  • Name & telephone number of prospects
  • Follow up Script – Answered Calls
  • Voice Mail Script – Unanswered Calls
  • Answers to most frequently asked questions
  • Product Cost / Service Fees

This salesperson can create a file for this checklist and whenever she performs cold calling, she need only to follow the checklist to make sure she has all the necessary tools to perform this project. This project is now automated.

Once each line item of the checklist is checked, the salesperson can proceed with the follow up calls with confidence & she is prepared to present herself professionally to the prospective customer/client.

In summary, stop wasting time trying to remember every detail of a task, develop checklists for all your repetitive tasks. A checklist will save you time, organize your tasks, develop a resource for delegating assignments, automate your business, take overwhelm out of your head (which allows space for other important items), & develops professionalism.

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