About Bridgette

Life Changing Event

August 29, 2005, my life forever changed as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  Hurricane Katrina’s rapture left my home town of New Orleans, Louisiana devastated and destroyed within hours.  I became “homeless”.  Suddenly, I found myself in Austin, Texas deciding which plan of action I would take to achieve stability and normality for myself and family.  It is amazing how with a blink of an eye my entire life, plan & focus began to travel a road of unknown territory.

Time Management & Organization to the Rescue

As I pondered this situation, I realized that whatever adversity life throws your way, whether it’s loss of employment, illness, family crisis or a natural disaster, faith, planning, focus, organization, action and supportive family & friends  are the keys to help you keep moving forward and not concentrate on where you are but where you’re going.  Once it was inevitable that I would not be able to return home to New Orleans, no time soon, I then had the challenge of registering my kids in school in Texas, seeking housing & filing insurance claims for the restoration of my home back in New Orleans.

Since I am a highly organized person who knows the value of time, I evacuated with my personal files which contained my family’s birth certificates, social security cards, kid’s immunization & school records as well as my homeowner’s & flood insurance policies.  I did not have to waste time wondering who and how to get in touch with insurance companies or how to obtain personal documents to enroll my kids in school.  Once I learned that we had to immediately evacuate from New Orleans, important personal papers were within hand reach because I had developed a home filing system prior to the hurricane.  I can’t stress the importance of planning, being organized and managing your time now to prepare for a situation when you don’t have time.

Adversity Meets Opportunity

Out of this horrific situation, I decided to create the life I wanted (since I was starting over anyway & life has a way to force you to do those things you desire but don’t – out of fear); I desired a life with flexibility, days without being overworked & overwhelmed at the office & more time to be with my family while creating an income at home or wherever my lab top could go and to prevent ever being disconnected from an income due to logistics.  I researched any and everything about starting a business from home, and how to pursue my passion to help other mothers create the same life I desired: flexibility to earn income from home while having an abundance of quality time with my family.

Why I founded Chief Executive Mompreneur – CExecMom

This is when I put my passion and skills together and founded Chief Executive Mompreneur – Helping Mompreneurs move from being Stressed Out to Getting the Job Done. I enjoy helping mompreneurs get the right things done daily while enjoying the bonus of additional quality time with family.

I am a wife & mother of two beautiful children, a graduate of University of New Orleans & Coach Training Alliance receiving a BA in Communications & Coaching Certification.  Over 17 years of training & teaching Time Management, Goal Setting, Organization & Personal Competencies & Strengths to become successful.

Action Steps for You

Momprenuers, if you are ready to move from Being Stressed Out to Getting the Job Done, start by grabbing my free report: 3 Simple Surefire Steps To Get the Job Done without Stress and start getting the right things done daily.