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During church services on Sunday, my pastor spoke on the spirit of discouragement.  He said a discouraged person can make bad decisions that affect not only themselves but the people connected to them.  He also said the spirit of discouragement allows unworthy compromise to enter decision making.

I know what you’re thinking, compromising is not bad at all and we all compromise daily.  Married couples must compromise to have a healthy relationship; I have compromised and accompanied my husband to many home improvement conventions & workshops because he enjoys it.  We compromise with our children, I’ve allowed my son to stay up past his bedtime on several occasions to continue an activity that he enjoys and the list goes on & on.  However, my pastor referenced “unworthy compromise”, this type isn’t healthy because you actually compromise your values, time and integrity. Unworthy compromise can open the door for numerous compromises to follow. 

As I pondered this insight, I began to think of various times in the past that I have allowed unworthy compromise to steal my time or distract me from my goals and tasks. 

Have you?

I thought about the reaction of my mompreneur clients, who hire me to help manage their time efficiently, when they look at the results of their Time Log Assignment. As a first client assignment, I suggest they keep a time log and jot down every activity they do for a week so we can determine what, where and how much time they are spending doing activities during the week. It never fails, how shocked and appalled my clients become when they realize that majority of their time were being compromised by completing daily activities that were not aligned with their goals (a time log is a quick tool to use to survey where you spend most of your time).

How often have you compromised your valuable time talking aimlessly on the telephone with a friend for an intended 15 minutes to only realize you’ve spent 1 -2 hours chatting instead of getting things done in your business? Mindless time on the internet shopping and visiting web sites as oppose to engaging on social media or researching information about the needs of your niche.  Ever spent time working on a committed task or project that you didn’t value or isn’t priority in your life because you didn’t know how to say, NO, to a friend or colleague?   Have you personally compromised your time to take a short nap and ended up sleeping the entire day without any productivity? 

Be honest, we are all guilty of “unworthy compromise”!

When this type of compromise happens, what do you really forfeit? Completing any tasks or activities that are not moving you into the direction of your goals, is forfeiting your success. Take a minute and think about the reasons you became a Mompreneur: you enjoy flexibility, freedom, financial security, the ability to be with your kids & family when you need & want, the convenience to work from home & be in control of your day.  Are those reasons & goals worth compromising?  If you allow unworthy compromises to rule your day, you gain to lose it all.

Don’t compromise your goals, make a daily plan, avoid non-emergency distractions, take action & get things done. Be encouraged & remember, whenever you allow unworthy compromises to steal your time, values or integrity, you are compromising the creation of a lifestyle that you want & deserve.



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