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Top 4 Excuses to Procrastinate – What’s Yours?


Top 4 Excuses to Procrastinate – What's Yours?

By Bridgette Boudreaux


Let's admit it; we are all guilty of procrastinating in our business and personal lives. If you have not completed a needed action to get something done or accomplished, you have procrastinated. There are habitual procrastinators and those who participate in this process occasionally. Whether habitual or occasional, procrastination is the primary reason for goals not being accomplished and dreams never pursued. It's a dream and goal killer.

Many are in denial about being a procrastinator because it is so senseless and it can cause many unwanted results. So rather than admit being a procrastinator, excuses are proudly given as oppose to admitting the dreaded, "I'm a Procrastinator".

Listed in this article are four most common excuses that are used to procrastinate. Are you guilty of one or all the following excuses for procrastinating?

Excuse 1: Not Enough Time In A Day

Guess What? There are 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,440 seconds in a day. It's the standard amount of time everyone has daily. No exceptions! No one can get any additional time. Time is very valuable; so why would you want to waste it? Once time is used, it's over. What you do with your time daily is very important. If you want to stop procrastinating and be productive, prioritize your daily tasks and take action consistently. Successful, productive people have learned the art of using their time wisely. If you have ever used this as an excuse for not accomplishing a goal, Stop, it's useless. Start using your time wisely; you will never get it back.

Excuse 2: Fearful of Results

Have you been approached about an opportunity, presented with an invitation to an event or not feeling well lately? You allow yourself to take no further action because fear enters your thoughts – so you don't prepare for the opportunity, fail to attend the event, and never schedule a doctor's appointment. Fear prevents action and halts decisions by creating negative thoughts that you aren't qualified for the opportunity, no one will find you interesting at the event and your medical results will not be favorable. Does any of this sound familiar? Have you ever avoided making a decision or take action because you were paralyzed by fear? It happens to the best of us; however if you don't make a decision, you are making a decision! Fear can actually cause the inevitable to happen, if you postpone an appointment with your doctor, this action may allow a medical condition to worsen as oppose to preventive measures or early detection of an illness within its early stages. What is fear costing you? Is it worth it? No it isn't, make a decision promptly and act on it. Don't allow fear from keeping you from progressing and being productive. Feel the fear, release it and take action. Whatever the results, rejoice that you made a decision and didn't allow fear to create an unwanted result.

Excuse 3: Don't Know How To Start

Have you ever wanted to start a new project or business venture but put it off because you were clueless on how to get started? If you are ever in a dilemma on how to get started on anything, find someone who is successfully getting the results you want and follow their lead, visit their websites, read their books, attend their seminars and trainings, if applicable. Learn from their success and avoid lengthy trial and error. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, just do what they do. This is the model of great franchises. No reason to delay, get started.

Excuse 4: Tasks Are Not Enjoyable

Have you ever heard the saying "Whatever is worthwhile having doesn't come easy"? That saying is so true. Think about it, anything in your life (most of us anyway) that is worth having didn't fall out of the sky, you received it with effort and hard work. A few examples: a successful business, a college degree, giving birth to your kids – no matter the pain or hard work, it is worth having and once accomplished it is so motivating and brings much joy into your life. Visualize the end result of the project or goal that you want to accomplish, experience how you will feel once it's completed. Whenever you need motivation to complete tasks that are not enjoyable, conjure up those feelings of accomplishments and remember to get what you want, you must do what you don't want to do, period.

What is procrastination costing you? Is it worth it? No it isn't. Don't get buried in excuses, recognize procrastination and continue taking action.



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