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Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Do Chores (Without Them Knowing)


Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Do Chores

 (Without Them Knowing)

By Bridgette Boudreaux

Do you assign household chores to your kids? If you answered yes, I bet it’s usually a struggle to get kids to do their assigned chores at home.  Kids will find many excuses to avoid cleaning their bedrooms; so the thought of cleaning or helping out in another part of the home is out of the question. Ever dreamed of the day that your small/teenage kids will complete chores without you pulling out your hair to get them to participate?  Stop pulling out your hair and use these fun ways to get kids to do their chores without a fuss or hassle.

Folding Laundry Game 

When my kids were as young as three years old, I allowed them to help me fold laundry.  They would fold the hand towels as I folded the large bath towels.  While folding towels, we would have a folding contest to discover who could fold the most towels the fastest and neatest; the kids loved this game and the towels were folded quickly & neatly.  We also took turns sharing funny stories & we played other games such as naming a place or thing that was the same color as the towel we were folding.  This was a great time to connect, have fun and get a chore done.

Everything Has A Home

I taught my kids that everything they owned had a comfortable home.  They were allowed to bring their toys into any room in the home to play if they agreed that upon immediate completion of playing, every toy or object had to return to its home.  The kids loved showing me where various toys lived in their rooms and after each of their playing sessions throughout our home, the area was cleared, cleaned and toys were put away in their homes. Woo Hoo!

Vacuuming At A Specific Time & Day

Once I taught my kids how to vacuum, I set a specific day and time to vacuum their bedrooms; our vacuum time was scheduled for Saturdays at 10:00 am.  At the beginning of this game, I had to remind my kids & allowed them to vacuum at 10am on Saturdays consistently until it became a habit.  They soon would yell from their rooms (looking at their digital clocks strategically placed on their nightstands next to their beds) it’s 10:00 am, Vacuum Time!

You can use these fun games to get your kids to assist in whichever chore that is best for you and your household.  Instead of vacuuming at a specific time & day, use this game for making beds daily at a specific time or feeding pets. Your kids will enjoy your time together and having fun with playing games. You will enjoy the extra helping hands and developing good habits and routines for your kids as well as the quality time together. Always give your kids praises, hugs, treats or surprises as much positive feedback for all their attempts & completions of chores. Don’t worry about perfection, the goal is to get chores done & develop routines while having fun & sharing time. Your kids will get chores done without knowing it because they will have a blast with the games and look forward to the praise.






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