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My 9 year old son loves to play the board game Checkers. At one time playing against him was a snap, because he didn't really understand the concept of the game, he only enjoyed the family time together sharing an activity. However, after much practice and a graduate student of "Checker Camp" directed by his father, he became an expert player. The once short checker game became a long competitive checker tournament. One evening as I was losing horribly, my son asked me why I had not been focusing on the game. I replied that I didn't feel the need to do such strategic thinking and planning. His response became my mantra: "It is a waste of time to make a move without a plan or strategy because the consequence will almost always = loser. Always play to win"!

Do you play to win or are you satisfied with the results from minimal effort and persistence? Do you plan your day? Is there blocked time on your daily schedule for action items? Do you have a big picture goal with small reachable daily tasks that will lead you to the bigger picture? Are you spending your days confused about what to do next? Do you operate from a strategic action plan?

If you responded NO to any of the above questions, stop wasting time and play to win.

Incorporate these strategies in your routine to win:

Always Plan Your Day, Preferably The Night Before

Develop A Strategy To Get The Results Want

Visualize The Big Picture

Complete Daily Bite Size Tasks

Stay In The Present, Focus Only On The Work At Hand

Rejoice In The Small Accomplishments

Create A Successful Environment

Winners do what those who lose do not want to do!

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  • Gina says:

    thanks for  the reminder ,,,,,, i need to  do this ..i am bad  at puting my game plan  into place the night before . would make things so much easier .

    • Bridgette Boudreaux says:

      Hi Gina,
      Yes, your day will be a lot easier with a prepared game plan. Schedule time at the end of your day to make a plan for the next day or week. I prefer next day planning. Good Luck & please update me with your success!

      Happy Planning,

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