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Are you a busy Mompreneur? Of course you are . . .  the combination of the two words Mom + Entrepreneur = Busy, Busy, Busy!  A mompreneur’s typical day begins with waking up sleepy kid(s) for school (or kid(s) waking up a sleepy mom).  Once awake, a mom schedule instantaneously proceeds into the juggling of many hats that are worn throughout the day such as: the family chauffer, home chef, housekeeper, homework assistant, homeschool teacher, laundry person, veterinarian’s assistant, healthcare provider, personal shopper, event planner and Oh . . . CEO of your business, along with its own set of a million more responsibilities.

Is this a description of your day?

You can admit it . . . (I can see you uncontrollably nodding your head YES!) you are probably wondering if I’ve been peeping in your window.  I can assure you I haven’t; I know firsthand, because I share in completing the many tumultuous daily tasks as well.  I also know this for sure . . . the last thing you or I want, is the opportunity to get more done.  If we get any more done or additional items added to our “to-do” list, we can kiss a good night sleep goodbye and invest in numerous toothpicks to hold our eye lids open throughout the day. 


Who really wants that?


I don’t want to get more done! I want to get the right things done daily.  Getting the right things done daily is completing tasks that are in alignment with my goals.  Completion of the right things done daily, will lead to days fulfilled with accomplishments & the creation of your life’s goals and desires.  I desire a life with flexibility, many options, no time clocks to punch at someone else’s 9 to 5, more time with my family, less time working, lots of “me time” at a spa being pampered, lots of vacation time, a great income earned from serving my clients & helping them to live their best life as a mompreneur and sharing with others who are in need.  I don’t want to get more done, I want to get the job done – the right things done to build and continue to have the life I deserve.

Don’t you?

Here are three ways to get the right things done daily:

1. Know what you want to accomplish (Goals)

This may sound very simplistic but most entrepreneurs are clueless about want they need to accomplish for their business to be success or even worst, start their day without a game plan.  What is it you want? If you are not sure what you want, get out a pen & paper – ask yourself, “What is the next project that I can do to advance my business this month?”  Start writing down all your responses, you will create a list of goals that you want to accomplish.  Please complete this exercise before you move on to the next step.  To jumpstart your creativity, here are a few examples to get you started. Examples: maybe you would like more content to update your blog with great articles, write a new e-book, or post an additional 3 to 4 comments on social media to attract followers.

2. Write tasks that are aligned with your goals (Plan)

Once you have a goal, break it into smaller weekly goals, then a daily goal.


1.  Write a new e-book – monthly goal

2.  Create an outline, chapter subjects, research content – weekly goal

3. Write content for each chapter – daily goal

You now have a plan – a defined list of smaller goals that are in alignment to your goal of creating an e-book.

3. Do the hardest or most challenging task first (Take Action)

As you review your plan, you have actually created a list of tasks that can be done daily.  The easiest solution to completing your tasks is to do the most challenging task first.  Researching content may be the least desirable or most challenging task to accomplish.  So get out your appointment calendar and schedule a time for you to research subject/content.  You can schedule 30 minutes or 1 hour daily – just make sure it’s your first task.  If this task is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00am – 11:00am, you must complete the task as scheduled. Do not schedule anything during this time or allow any interruptions (unless it’s an emergency).  Imagine the amount of research you will accomplish at the end of the week, five hours of research!

As you see, getting more done is not the answer.  Getting the right things done by deciding what you want, creating a plan/task & taking action will allow you to create the business and life you deserve.  Don’t spend your day being busy and being led by circumstances and emails, spend your day being productive – get the right things done daily. If you follow these three easy to use steps, you will get the job done well and have a great night sleep that only comes from a day of productivity and accomplishments.

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