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How To Stay Motivated In Your Home Office





Working from home is a great experience.  It’s wonderful to avoid driving in hoards of traffic commuting to & from work for 1 to 2 hours daily.  The opportunity to remain dressed in PJ’s, work with clients from the patio or home office and control the thermostat at a temperature that fits your needs is priceless.  The pros of working from home are endless; however, it can also be very lonely.  As a solopreneur, there aren’t any co-workers to aimlessly chat & share stories during the water cooler break, share lunch or show off recent pictures of the kids.  It’s just you & your work.


Let’s face it, loneliness can allow distractions to interrupt your focus & deplete motivation. The desire for human adult conversations will propel you to call a friend; an intended 10 minute telephone chat can escalate into an hour long conversation.  The pleasure of watching a television show can replace time blocked to work on a business project.  Whichever distraction you allow to take you from completing tasks to fulfilling your loneliness & lack of motivation, will only lengthen your day with nonproductive activities.  Once you end a day without any accomplishments, your motivation will continue to take a downward plunge.

So how do you stay motivated from your home office?  Follow these tips to stay motivated:

Create A Personal Mission Statement

Your personal mission statement does not have to be anything fancy or lengthy.  Jot down one or a few sentences explaining why you are a mompreneur. My personal mission statement is . . . I  will live, work & play with integrity, spend my time productively & live my life prioritized: God, Family & Work.  I will spend each day creating the life I deserve & want.   Keep your mission statement visible so that when you are feeling a lack of motivation, you can read your mission statement as a reminder of values & the importance of your work.  My keep my mission statement as a sticky note on my desk top so I see & read it every day.

Set A Daily Intention

Before you start your day, think about what you want to accomplish.  Your intention may be to connect with your followers on social media or to return all phone calls and respond to all email. Set your intention for the day and post it near you to remind yourself of the day’s purpose.  Your intention is like setting a refresh button if you get stuck or distracted.

Keep A Done List

Each time you complete a task, write it down.  It’s invigorating to view a list of all your daily accomplishments.  It is also very motivating to continue to get things done so you can add them to your list.  Whenever I put a check mark next to an item on my to-do list, I feel so motivated to get more done.  When I look at list of tasks complete on my “done list”, I feel energetic!

Celebrate Completed Tasks

Don’t wait until the project is complete to celebrate.  Each time you complete a task – celebrate your accomplishments whether big or small.  If you complete half the items on your to do list by noon – you’ve earned the right to call or have lunch with a friend.  A nap is a good way to celebrate accomplishments as well.  Write down tons of quick celebratory items that you would love to do but can never find the time and put them in a jar or hat, when you are ready to celebrate, pull out an item & surprise yourself and do whatever the item reads.

If you follow these action steps daily, you will remain motivated in your home office. 





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  • I really needed this motivation article today.  I find it can be hard to select the next task unless I have it written down.  Your tips are so helpful.  I do hope you are doing well in your business adventure.  I prayed for you when Isaac was happening. Am so sorry to hear you had to make another trek to Austin –I can't believe it's been seven years since we met.  God Bless    Rosemary

    • Bridgette Boudreaux says:

      Rosemary! So glad you found this article helpful just when you needed it. All is well, however running from storms are getting challenging. Austin, TX is starting to look like my new permanent home. Seven years – Wow! Time is flying. Thanks for your prayers. Hope we can chat soon!

      Be Blessed,

  • Imie says:

    Great post!
    One thing I can add is to put some target time for each task.  Such as "answer all e-mails by 9:30".  I find I move faster and do not allow myself to get distracted when I set myself a target to complete certain things.

    "When you don't know where you are going; any road could take you somewhere else".

    • Bridgette Boudreaux says:

      Hi Imie,
      Thank you for your comment & I am glad you found this to be a great post! You are so correct, having a target time works well and reduces idle time. It also allows you to plan your activities which decreases the opportunities for a day being led by “minor emergencies” disguised as distractions.


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