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Moving from Being Stressed Out to Getting It Done Success Checklist:

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It’s time to make it happen! Getting It Done Strategy Sessions. Are you ready to start taking control of your day? Find out how I can help you move from being “Stressed Out” to Getting It Done while enjoying the bonus of quality time with your family. Click here to learn more & get started.

Hi Momprenuer,

How do you spend your day?

Chaotic, Rushing, Procrastinating, Creating non-ending to do list, not sure what to do next, overloaded with too many tasks & distractions, wondering why you don’t get things done? Do you find yourself having so many things to do that you end up doing nothing? Do you add insignificant completed tasks to your overloaded “to do” list in order to see a few checked off items? I can see you reluctantly nodding your head, YES!

It’s okay to admit it?

I’ve been there and I can assure you that identifying your challenge(s) is the first step to getting control of your day, rather than being sabotaged by all the distractions.

What if I told you that you do not have to have another day lead by time wasters, stress & unfilled goals? No more ending another workday feeling too exhausted to spend time with family which leads to low motivation and dissatisfaction.

Imagine eliminating procrastination, getting things done, working less on repetitive mundane tasks and more time completing projects, having control of your day, staying true to your goals even when you get off track and being completely present during quality time with kids and family.

Sounds like the life you are ready to create?

It’s possible and it’s time to start creating days that are meaningful, rewarding, and productive while enjoying the bonus of more quality time with family.

Good News, you are in the right place, I help Mompreneurs move from being Stressed Out to Getting The Job Done.

Are you ready to stop pulling your hair out and get it done but don’t know how to get started? Let me show you how!

Contact Me Now to enroll and schedule your “Getting It Done Strategy Sessions”

You will learn quick and simple steps to:

  • Manage your time to fit your personality
  • What to Focus on & increase motivation
  • Conquer Office & Desk Clutter
  • Increase your productivity 100%
  • Create Systems & Templates to put your business on autopilot
  • Easily manage steps to take control of your day
  • Create a daily Action Plan to stay on track
  • Abolish Procrastination
  • Identify your next best step for any project
  • Prioritize Tasks to Get the Right Things Done Daily


I’m Ready to schedule my sessions with Bridgette


Under Bridgette’s direction I organized my projects and goals such that I received a professional scholarship and advanced my professional title (all after just four weeks of work with Bridgette!). The most valuable asset of the Getting It Done instruction & Strategy Sessions is Bridgette’s understanding of the big picture—life success, not simply work success. I can expect new challenges with my new responsibilities, and I will not hesitate to call for Bridgette’s help again. Thank you so much Bridgette!

Dr. J. McGee, New Orleans, La

The minute we started our session, I was pleasantly surprised and enthused by her easy-to-follow, efficient, and custom fit exercises. Bridgette's fresh ideas were presented to me in a positive, caring, and nurturing matter throughout my program. I started an action list, organized my desk and starting getting results after our first session together. What I truly appreciated was the fact that she is a mother and wife, first and foremost, and a highly motivated, dedicated professional who really cares about women who want to make their dreams come true.

Leah S. Boone
English/Japanese Instructor, Translator / Tutor.
Austin, TX

Getting It Done Strategy Sessions:

Option 1

Getting It Done Discovery Strategy Call:

30 Minute Strategy Session – $49.00

1:1 Private Consultation

Are you a slave to time? Every day looks like the next: No Plan, Stressed and Clueless how to get things done to create better days which creates a better life, a better you for your family. Let me help you! In 30 min, you will receive clarity regarding your “pain points” and plan your next best step.

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Option 2

Getting It Done Laser Strategy Session

60 Minute Strategy Session – $197.00

1:1 Private Consultation

You are ready to “Get it Done”! One hour of laser focus on one challenge. We will develop an individual strategy that will rock your life and give you the confidence and skills to end your days without headaches and sleepless nights.

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Option 3

Getting It Done – One Month Strategy Sessions

Four – 30 Minute Consultation Calls – $497.00

1:1 Private Consultation – One Accountability Call per week

Identify and create daily habits, eliminate procrastination, work your plan with weekly accountability including email support between calls. Great for working on a specific project or developing a get it done habit.

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