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What’s Sucking Up Your Time?

Does this statement ring true to you? “There isn’t enough time in a day to complete everything that I need to get done”.  Sounds familiar  . . .  Yes, I think we all have made that statement at least once in our lives.  If you’ve made that statement or you have spent sleepless nights tossing and turning thinking about all the things you didn’t get done and all the additional “to-dos” for the next day, then it’s time for you to find out which activities are sucking up all your time.  It’s time for a reality check.  Aren’t you ready to face reality?

Keep a daily time log

A time log is a simple and easy time management tool that can be used to record your daily activities and how much time you spend doing them.  It is an efficient way to see how you spend your time daily.  It will measure what you do habitually and it will allow you to see if your daily tasks are aligned with you goals.  The only way to find more time in your day is to first find where it is!  A detailed time log will give you that information.  Ready get started?

Create a time log

Take out a sheet of paper and keep it wherever you work.  Each time you are working on an activity, jot down the name of the activity with a start and ending time.  Record detailed information, if you start an activity at 9:05am and complete or stop working on it at 10:15am, record those exact times.  I recommend including am and pm, because this helps to determine  which part of the day you get most things done.  Record all activities: checking email, time on social media (business or pleasure), telephone conversations, drive time, watching TV, all your activities for the day must be documented. For accurate results, commit to recording your activities in your time log for one week.  It’s just that simple.

Review Your Results

Upon completion of your week, take a look at your results.  Now it’s time to analyze your time. This can be very alarming, I had a client complete a time log for one week, she realized that she spent on an average of seven hours daily working in her business, 4 hours was spent reading newsletters, emails from friends, personal mail, interacting on Facebook and Twitter, about two hours on time wasters & interruptions: personal telephone calls, watching the news while on break, a few over extended breaks,  a few household chores that weren’t meant to take too long and one hour of get money making tasks done.  What an eye opener!  However the time log revealed that she was spending the majority of her work time on low priority tasks.  It was a great opportunity for her to get focus and to start spending her time on high priority money making tasks first.  She realized there is enough time in a day to get the right things done but you must control your activities and not become a victim of losing time to task that does not support your goals.

Use your time log monthly

A time log will help to make you aware of how you may subconsciously go aimlessly throughout your day without fulfilling your purpose.  Based upon your results, start cutting the unnecessary time you may be wasting on tasks.  It is imperative to check email and engage in social media for your business, but you can block a period of time complete those activities each day as oppose to over indulging for a couple of hours.  Also some activities, like social media can be automated. Time logging is a very simple but highly efficient tool to increase your productivity.  Use it once a month to make sure you are on track with your time.  Happy logging!

Bridgette Boudreaux is a Time Management Strategist to Mompreneurs.  Get a copy of her FREE report called “3 Simple Surefire Steps to Abolish Daily Workload Overwhelm” at http://www.cexecmom.com

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  • Anita says:

    Love time management. I took a course a few years ago that greatly helped me in this area…but there is always room for improvement. I work in 50 minute time slots ( 2 of them) and then take 30 minutes for a break….I am thinking of changing it up though:) I do find that giving myself  a deadline and daily logs work best for me.

    • admin says:

      Anita, Isn’t it great when you develop a time management schedule that works best for you & allow you to get things done. Thanks for sharing!


  • Mona says:

    Reviewing my results will make a HUGE difference in organizing my day. Just knowing that I accomplish things will help motivate me to do more.  There's nothing like checking off a bunch of things off my list and saying, "Done!"

    I need to do this more often!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mona,
      It’s so motivating when you’ve spent your day getting things done! This will keep you motivated. Thanks for your comments.


  • Dawn Ranieri says:

    Yes, I am one of those people that has blurted out that statement so many times, lol.
    I am getting much better with keeping a daily log. I still have ways to go!
    Thanks for the great post!

    • admin says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Congratulations for keeping a time lo! You are making a great start by keeping track of where your time is going. Keep me updated on how it’s helping you & how the log inspires you to use your time wisely.

      Thanks for Sharing,

  • This was great!  I often find myself saying "I don't have time…".  If I am using the time that I have better, I can accomplish more.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mandy,

      I am so glad you find these tips helpful to help you accomplish more with your time. So glad for your “time” visiting my blog.


  • What great tips!  Perfect timing, I was looking for time management tools.  Printing this and putting into action.  Thank you so much.  x0x   The LEARNED Preneur @NormaDoiron.NET

    • admin says:

      Norma, Your post is music to my ears. So glad my article met your needs. Have a Blessed Productive Day! Thanks for stopping by.


  • Time management became a real challenge for me in the ast two years as major changes occured in my life. But I have been focused this year on resolving this issue and am seing great results applying tips just as you have suggested!

  • LOVE time management and organizing SIMPLY both our time and tasks.  As I get busier I'm learning to balance my love of logs and records and the freedom of creation, responding to opening doors and INSPIRATION!  It's a dance that is always changing.  LOVE the concept of a time log, though.  I do need to do this again, since so much has changed in the last 6 week or so 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

    • admin says:

      Hi Elise,

      So happy this article is a good reminder for you about using your time log. Love to hear you love time management! Thanks for stopping by & sharing your comments.


  • Love this article. Time management is one thing that I have gotten a hold of. Many times people will ask how I get so much done, but when you manage your time efficiently, and focus on the most important tasks first you will inevitably get a lot accomplished…thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all:)

    • admin says:

      Hi Dr. Sutherland, Getting the most important tasks done first is the key to managing your time effectively. Thank you for stopping by & sharing your wonderful comments.


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