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What's Your Why?

By Bridgette Boudreaux


Let’s get personal:

While driving in congestive traffic on this morning & listening to a training CD (I always try and take advantage of my time) this thought came to my mind – WHY?  What is my Why? Why do I take steps daily towards my personal and business goals? Why do I wake up early, prepare my son’s lunch for school, drive across town to a fulltime job, leave work and sit in the parking lot of my son’s school for an hour while I wait on him to finish football practice while reading or engaging on social media with my followers and clients; go home cook dinner, assist with homework, catch up with family and after all those needs are met, I spend the next couple of hours (most of the time until midnight) as a busy Mompreneur.  During my late evenings, I write content, prepare my newsletter for the week, reply to emails, schedule coaching calls, do dinner menu planning and ultimately plan my actions steps for the next day.


I do it because these are the steps I must take to create the life I want, desire & deserve. I do it because my kids (pictured above) deserve the best Mom I can be. Each day for me is planned, executed and gets me closer to my goals. Often, I speak to Mompreneurs who get discouraged and feel that their business will never be successful and they admit they are on the verge of giving up.  They whine, “I don’t have enough time to do all this”, “I spent the day procrastinating” or the worst, “What if all my efforts don’t pay off?” Stop Whining & take action!

Today I challenge you to think about your “WHY”.  Why do you want to be a successful Mompreneur?  What are your personal and business goals?  Visualize how the life you want looks like and write it down.  The next time you get discouraged, can’t find time in your day to complete tasks towards your goals, spend days procrastinating, not investing financially in you or your business or spending time on negative thoughts & finding excuses – Focus on  your “WHY” & start making it happen.  It will motivate you instantly.

I know this blog post will help inspire & encourage someone today.  I also challenge you to commit to inspire someone on today?  What will you do? Will you give a warm smile to a stranger, positive comment on someone’s blog post?  Ready, Set, Go!  Let’s spread the love today.

As always leave a comment if this post inspired you on today.



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